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Trifecta Crop Control – Multi-purpose Pesticide, Fungicide, Miticide, Non-toxic, 4 Oz

Trifecta Crop Control is a non-toxic pesticide, miticide and fungicide that was crafted from food grade essential oils blended with a nano-saponified emulsifier (otherwise known as soap).

Utilizing their ingenious technology, the team at Trifecta Crop Control has created a multi-purpose solution for mold, mites and mildew that is proven effective across all stages of the grow cycle. It is a super concentrated product made in the USA that gives you a great value for the money and not only that, it is state approved for plant use in Colorado, Maine, Washington, Michigan, Oregon and California! Your crops will test clean for pesticides when you use this product!

The essential oils selected were chosen specifically for their ability to control and prevent pests and insects. What makes Trifecta Crop Control so unique is that it uses nano-sized soap molecules as a way to allow these essential oils to work more effectively than any other method.

Trifecta uses clove oil which contains eugenol a terpene that causes cell lysis in fungal species, peppermint oil contains Mentha piperita for reproductive inhibition, garlic oil for repellency, corn oil as a suffocant, citric acid for chelating calcium in insect’s exoskeletons and thyme oil for endocrine disruption.

Crop Control is used to control or prevent problem mites, aphids, thrips, whiteflies, botrytis, fusarium and powdery mildew. A weekly spray at half-strength is recommended for use as a preventive measure. If an infestation occurs, then 2 ounces of Crop Control per gallon of water is necessary. The formula is a no-residue, no-rinse mixture that breaks down quickly without harming the plants.


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