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Down To Earth – Seabird Guano 0-11-0 – 40lb.

Use high Phosphorus Seabird Guano to dramatically increase both the amount and size of blooms throughout the flowering period for all indoor and outdoor plants. Strawberries, melons and all flowering plants will benefit from mid-season applications to improve yields, quality and flavor, while also enhancing the beneficial bacteria activity in your garden soil. It can be mixed into soils pre-plant, applied as a sidedress or steeped to make a highly effective guano tea or foliar spray.
• High phosphorous formula dramatically increases size and quantity of blooms
• Mid-season application improve yields of strawberries, melons and flowers
• Mix with soil, apply as a sidedress or steep to make guano tea
• Enhances the beneficial bacteria activity in soil
• Free of preservatives
• OMRI listed. CDFA Registered Organic Input Material.
• See package for application rates
• 0-11-20 formula


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