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Down To Earth – Oyster Shell Flour – 25lb.

Oyster Shell flour is an all natural source of high quality calcium that is ground into varying particle sizes to ensure an immediate and sustained release of this valuable nutrient. Calcium promotes strong root development, improves nutrient uptake and boosts plant immunity. Oyster Shell builds optimal tilth by improving the texture, aeration and water penetration of soils. OMRI listed. CDFA Registered Organic Input Material.
• High quality soil conditioner that consists of 96% calcium carbonate & many micronutrients
• Long lasting release of nutrients to help regulate pH levels, improve fertilizer uptake, promote healthy cellular structure & enhance soil tilth
• Creates active habitats for soil microbes in compost piles & worm bins
• OMRI listed. CDFA Registered Organic Input Material.
• See package for application rates


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