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Bend Sauce – Cinder Dust Artisan Chipotle Rub and Seasoning

Cinder Dust™ is a serendipitous blend of flavor and heat. Cinder Dust is handmade with a special blend of both the same dry organic and natural ingredients that go into making Bend Sauce as well as the upcycled seeds and pulp removed from the production of our sauce. None of our products are over salted and while Cinder Dust is a beautiful standalone rub and seasoning it also loves to party with you and your customer’s culinary creativity.

Dust your eggs, meats, pizza and pasta generously – or spice up your recipes or cocktails with our bold, smoky Chipotle flavor. Use as a rimmer for spicy summer cocktails as well and enjoy your creation – The Makers
Made in United States of America


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