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Book – Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, 35th Anniversary Edition

Perfect for the experienced or beginning gardener—the bible to organic vegetable gardening in the Pacific Northwest, featuring extensive updates and new material

Now in its seventh edition, this complete guide to organic vegetable, herb, and flower gardening addresses issues of soil, seeds, compost, and watering. Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades has evolved from a self-published pamphlet into the master guide to organic gardening over the past thirty-five years. Steve Solomon, who founded the Territorial Seed Company, was one of the early proponents of organic gardening, and the first to codify and refine the best practices of small-plot vegetable gardening in the Pacific Northwest.
This new and updated edition includes:

· A new formula for complete organic fertilizer and how to tweak it for different soil conditions
· How-to sections for herbs and ornamental plants
· New organization for better usability
· Updated sources for appropriate seed suppliers
· Information about natural pest controls


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